Second Hand Store

Each term we aim to have one or two 2nd hand sale mornings, Saturday 9am – 11am. Dates TBA.

Due to the sheer volume of 2nd hand dance shoes, our sale days are only times you can go through the stock and try shoes on.
We will hold these days as regularly as possible.

Apart from these sales the only way to view and purchase items will be via the facebook page and then the item being left out for you to collect.

If you have SOLD items at the last sale, Kate will send you a text and you will be able to collect your takings at the next sale day. Bank transfers are NOT available.

Please bring SMALL money, change CANNOT be given. The money from each sale is collected by the owner of the item that was sold. The money does not belong to Kate so she cannot take on lots of large notes and have to then break them up to pay each person.

If you are dropping off an item for sale it MUST be in a snap lock bag with your name and mobile number clearly written on the outside. We cannot provide a bag for you.

If you wish to collect any items you have left with the second hand store to try and sell yourself please collect from Kate on our sale days.

Many Thanks to Kate Meaney for running the 2nd Dance Store.

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