Conditions of Enrolment:

  1. I understand that full payment must be made by the first class or before.
  2. I understand that late payment will incur a 10% administration fee.
  3. I understand that credit will not be given to missed classes.
  4. I understand that a refund will not be given if a student misses classes, postpones or does not attend classes.
  5. I understand dance is a physical activity and a small degree of physical contact between teacher and student may be required for either demonstration or correction.
  6. At The Dance House we believe photography and film are an important way to record your child’s growth through dance. I understand my child may be captured in another child’s photograph.
  7. I understand competition, performance and concert videos and photos are not to be posted on social media unless written permission has been received from The Dance House.
  8. I understand The Dance House has permission to use my child’s photographs for school publications on the website, newsletters and social media accounts, unless otherwise advised in writing directly to and acknowledge by
  9. WATCHING CLASSES. The Dance House understands that parents/guardians enjoy watching the students dance, however noise and movement easily distract. I understand that parents and guardians must remain outside the studio for the duration of the class unless invited to attend by the teacher. 
  10. UNIFORMS. I understand that The Dance House uniform is a requirement of attending classes, that includes long hair to be groomed in an appropriate manner, i.e Bun for ballet.
  11. I understand it is the responsibility of Parents/guardians/students to inform The Dance House of any prior or current illness, medical condition or injury.
  12. I understand in the event of an injury, The Dance House will administer First Aid treatment. In the case of a medical emergency/medical services being necessary, the parent/guardian will incur any costs.
  13. I understand The Dance House is not responsible for students before or after class times. Teachers often teach back to back classes and cannot watch students in the waiting or outside areas.
  14. I understand that The Dance House is not a child minding facility and is therefore unable to watch other children who are not attending a class.
  15. I understand that The Dance House does not tolerate swearing, indecent language and behaviour or negative communications between parents and/or students. Any student or parent who demonstrates indecent language or behaviour will be asked to immediately withdraw from The Dance House. This includes behaviour at competitions or performances, public locations, social media, on the Internet and on site at The Dance House studios
  16. I understand that The Dance House has a zero tolerance for any kind of bullying. The Dance House will act on any reported or witnessed acts of bullying.
  17. I understand that The Dance House is not liable for any loss or damage to property or injury sustained while attending classes. The Dance House takes every reasonable precaution to ensure the health and safety of students in its care.
  18. Any parent or student who does not comply with The Dance House’s Terms and Conditions may forfeit their position in the school.