For aspiring Fred Astaires, Tap Dogs and Billy Elliots. Tap dancers use their feet like drums to create rhythmic patterns and timely beats.

Mini Groovers, Little Groovers and Groovers
With two teachers for each class this is where we get down and get groovy!
These classes incorporate aspects of both jazz and tap to up-beat and funky music. Some of our favourite artists are Hi5, Hannah Montana and High School Musical.   Children learn about beat and rhythm, tap knocks and shuffles, jazz kicks and turns. In these very popular classes students are encouraged to remember a number of short dance combinations.

At The Dance House, students are taught the Glenn Wood Tap Syllabus, dynamic combinations and routines that engenders a love and appreciation of Tap dance. Each year students are given the opportunity to participate in Glenn Wood Tap exams. Exams are a wonderful, rewarding experience for all the hard work students have put into their Tap over the past year.

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