Ballet & Modern

Baby Ballet – With two teachers for every baby ballet class, lessons evolve with the use of imagery and fantasy. Through these classes we teach and guide students through their first pointed toes and demi-plies. Introducing several basic stance and arm positions we courage children to remember from week to week. In addition this is a time to learn about beat and rhythm as well as how to respond to difference tempo, stops, starts and crescendo in the music.
Our lessons follow the Royal Academy of Dance Pre-Primary and Primary Syllabus.

Grade Ballet – Ballet is about art, and it is also about life. Ballet dancers are fit, strong and flexible. They are able to fly through the air with impressive jumps, turn and spin with immense speed in pirouettes and display great beauty and artistry through not only dance movements but also in everyday life.

The Dance House offers students the opportunity to do The Royal Academy of Dance Examinations and Presentation Classes. Exams and Presentation classes are a wonderful, rewarding experience for all the hard work students have put into their ballet over the past year.

To be eligible for RAD examinations students must attend a minimum of two ballet lessons a week.

A blend Jazz and Classical ballet. Modern/Lyrical is a slow, melodic, and expressive form of Jazz often to ballad music. Dancers gain fluidity of movement, grace and control.
In terms of the focus of its technique, contemporary dance tends to utilize both the strong and controlled legwork of ballet and modern dance's stress on the torso, and also employs contact-release, floor work, fall and recovery, and improvisation characteristic of modern dance.[2] Unpredictable changes in rhythm, speed, and direction are often used, as well. It sometimes also incorporates elements of non-western dance cultures such as elements from African dance including bent knees, or movements from the Japanese contemporary dance

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