General Overview of Classes

Performances and Productions

Check out the events for the date of our next performance!

In November/December each year, The Dance House gets dressed up in funky and beautiful costumes and we head for the stage. Our end of year production is about showing off all our hard work and talent in an entertaining dance extravaganza! All our students are invited to perform if you attend one class a week or 5!

Our annual Presentation Day is held mid year as an opportunity for students aged 5yrs and above to present their class work. Presentation Day also gives our wonderful teachers a chance to award students for their dance achievements.

Watching Classes

We understand that you enjoy watching the children dance, however noise and movement easily distract them. We ask that parents remain outside the studio for the duration of the class. We are sorry for any inconvenience but it is in the best interests of the children and the smooth running of the classes.

2017 Terms & Enrolment Periods

Our Term and Enrolment Periods are as follows:

Term Class Begins Class Ends Open for enrolment
1* Saturday 4th Feb Saturday 8th April December
2* Wednesday 26th April Saturday 1st July March
3* Monday 17th July Saturday 23rd September June
4* Monday 9th October Saturday 2nd December September

Exams & Concert

Presentation Day -
Junior Concert -
Senior Concert Concert - Saturday 2nd December 2017

* Please check classes time table for more detail.

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