Dance House Classes

Term 1 2020: Saturday 1st February – Thursday 9th April
Term 2 2020: Monday 27th April – Saturday 5th July
Term 3 2020: Monday 2oth July – Saturday 26th September
Term 4 2020: Monday 12th October – TBC

At the Dance House we offer exciting and rewarding classes for all ages and all levels.
We want everyone to experience and share in the joy of Dance.

Our pre-school classes are all about fun! Jam packed with imagery and imagination we aim to encourage a love of dance in our smallest students.

Baby Ballet; The Dance House started in 1999 as a baby ballet school. This is our foundation and our baby ballet classes are simply wonderful.  Our classes are based the beautiful Royal Academy of Dance pre-school syllabus.
We offer three different aged based classes of baby ballet for boys and girls.
Possums ballet for 2.5 – 3.5yrs.
Koalas ballet for 3.5-4.5yrs.
Lorikeets ballet for 4.5 – 5.5yrs.

Little Groovers and Groovers;
These Groovy classes introduce jazz and tap to children 3- 7yrs. Little Groovers and Groovers are all about energy, fun, rhythm and beat. A great opportunity to express unique and original style and flare to our funkiest tunes.
Little Groovers for 3yrs – 5yrs
Groovers for 5yrs – 7yrs

Baby Ballet – With two teachers for every baby ballet class, lessons evolve with the use of imagery and fantasy. Through these classes we teach and guide students through their first pointed toes and demi-plies. Introducing several basic stance and arm positions we courage children to remember from week to week. In addition this is a time to learn about beat and rhythm as well as how to respond to difference tempo, stops, starts and crescendo in the music.
Our lessons follow the Royal Academy of Dance Pre-Primary and Primary Syllabus.

Grade Ballet – Ballet is about art, and it is also about life. Ballet dancers are fit, strong and flexible. They are able to fly through the air with impressive jumps, turn and spin with immense speed in pirouettes and display great beauty and artistry through not only dance movements but also in everyday life.

The Dance House offers students the opportunity to do The Royal Academy of Dance Examinations and Presentation Classes. Exams and Presentation classes are a wonderful, rewarding experience for all the hard work students have put into their ballet over the past year.

To be eligible for RAD examinations students must attend a minimum of two ballet lessons a week.

Learn to move and groove! This class is high energy and full of fun.  Jazz classes offer instruction on kicks, turns and leaps, flexibility, strength building, across the floor combos. Learn high energy routines and perform with lots of attitude.

Contemporary’ is a style of expressive dance that combines elements of several genres including jazz, lyrical and classical ballet. The umbrella of what covers ‘contemporary’ choreography is so broad, and varies from term to term at The Dance House, depending on the choreographer and student age. A contemporary class can fuse ballet principals with gymnastic athleticism: utilising fundamental techniques of floor work, spine movement and breath. Contemporary, unlike most genres, does not follow a set syllabus but often draws inspiration from current affairs, emotions, storytelling or lyrics.



For aspiring Fred Astaires, Tap Dogs and Billy Elliots.

Tap dancers use their feet like drums to create rhythmic patterns and timely beats. There’s nothing quite like the feeling of mastering a new combination and hearing music from your feet. Our tap classes are based on the Glenn Wood Tap Syllabus. We teach dynamic combinations and routines that engenders a love and appreciation of Tap dance.

Mini Groovers, Little Groovers and Groovers (3-7yrs)
With two teachers for each class this is where we get down and get groovy!
These classes incorporate aspects of both jazz and tap to up-beat and funky music.   Children learn about beat and rhythm, tap knocks and shuffles, jazz kicks and turns. In these very popular classes students are encouraged to remember a number of short dance combinations.

Entry into the Eisteddfod group is by recognition and invitation only and is designed to build on your child’s potential, technique, strength and confidence.  Deciding to join the Eisteddfod group requires a big commitment, classes, rehearsals and performances must take precedence over other activities including friend’s birthday parties etc. We are a team!
This is an exciting opportunity for children who are committed to their dance and want to challenge themselves.
Our eisteddfod students develop life long friendships as they support, encourage and challenge each other through their shared love of dancing and performing.

Jazz Dance is a great way to improve your Co-ordination, Flexibility, Strength and Overall Fitness while having lots of fun! Classes begin with a warm-up, stretches and strengthening exercises. We work towards completing one or two dances by the end of the term to get a good feel for different styles of dance and music.

Tap Dance improves fitness, co-ordination and rhythm. You’ll most probably leave class feeling sweaty but immensely energetic and joyful. We recommend some tap experience.


We welcome anyone interested in having a go at  TAP or JAZZ to come along in the first week of Term for a free trial class. Just send an email to us to let us know to expect you. Bring a towel, water and get ready for a work out! Hope you can make it!

We have teamed up with False Grip to bring you Tumbling.These classes teach our students proper gymnastics techniques to aid their dancing skills & routines. Guaranteed to be hard work but heaps of fun!

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